God loves us deeply and He desires that each of us have a deep, intimate relationship with Him! Check out the fantastic ways that our Christian Education Department provides opportunities for us to develop a deeper relationship with Him! Our Department’s foundational Scripture is 2Timothy 2:15!

We offer:

  • Exciting, relevant, transformational Bible-based classes!
  • Classes taught by incredible NCC certified Teachers!
  • An annual BSA Graduation Ceremony for those meeting graduation criteria!
  • Classes that can be taken by anyone in San Diego County and beyond!

Click on the links below! Learn about and register now for our BSA and BDH classes!


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REVISED 2017 Beyond Sunday Academy (BSA) Courses – (Registration Strongly Suggested for These Classes!)


Bible Discovery Hour (BDH)   –  Sunday Classes -10:00-11:00 am – (Registration not Required)