“Vision” -that mysterious, far-reaching image or idea, often confused as something seen only in a dream. “Vision” – the act or power of imagination, an unusual discernment or foresight, sometimes considered apocalyptic or even prophetic! In Joel 2:28 the writer states that when God’s Spirit is poured out that “. . . sons and daughters would prophesy…”, “… old men would dream dreams and young men would see visions…” Solomon writes in Proverbs 29:18, “… Where there is no vision the people perish…” Let us then conclude that “vision” is expected and it should be protected!

Within the next 5 years, this ministry will be called upon to put into place the God – ordained “vision” that will solidify our value, and broadcast our purpose to the surrounding community for decades to come.


Within the next 5 years I see:

  • The construction of a new and more efficient Worship Center. Steeped with technology, yet garnered with the trappings of tradition, this God-centered edifice will serve to effectively and efficiently minister to all segments of our faith community.
  • A ministry prayerfully and purposefully committed to the development, nurturing, and sustaining of an all-inclusive, effectual connection to our local neighborhood, designed to bring greater value, merit and meaning to our presence here on “The Hill.”
  • The establishment of a Christian Education Program singularly dedicated to empowering and impacting every segment of this rapidly growing ministry. Our guiding principle will be our ardent love for, and consistent application of God’s word.
  • A brilliant future fueled by a teaching formula that will effectively prepare our children and our youth for a life filled with hope, faith, and God-centered achievement.
  • The New Creation Church becoming a magnet to serve as a clearinghouse for the unique needs of our “Seasoned Seniors”.

There is so much to do and yes, it seems that there is so little time in which to do it; but it’s my firm belief that the God of our fathers will provide the people, the process, the opportunity, the resources and the time that is necessary for His will to be done through those who have, as well as those who will, “Partner” with us in faith.